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Slim & win – sun, sea and SML!!!

It’s our third birthday next week and as part of our birthday celebrations, we thought we would give one of our slimmers a holiday as a reward for their hard work!

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Finding your happy weight

banish those scalesI am a 33 year old lady who is 5’5. According to my BMI, I should weigh between 8’8 – 10’8. Wow is all i can think about that figure. I’d love to weigh 10’8.

However my reality is very different. I could sit and make excuses and say i’m big boned (i’m really not). However, i do have larger hips and store my fat around my tummy.  Some may say i’m apple shaped.
If we looked at me on paper, sitting above 10’8 stone, i am considered to be overweight (Based on my BMI). However, i can easily run 5 miles in one go and am on a mission to lose weight at the moment.
I personally have been 10’8 a few years ago and you know what i found? i didn’t like it.
My bones hurt when i sat down, i looked ill and i personally struggled to maintain that weight. My parents were telling me to put weight on as they were genuinely worried that i was ill and i just didn’t feel attractive.
It wasn’t a happy weight.
However, 11 stone is my happy weight. It’s a weight i find easier to manage, i still have some flesh on my bones and colour to my cheeks. It’s a weight i’m not ashamed of and is a weight where i can wear my skirts with pride and so what if i have abit of wobbly skin. I came from 15 stone and so i’ll take 11 stone all day long!
My job is to tell slimmers that anything is possible with some determination and that’s so true. If i wanted to, i could easily get down to 9 stone but i know i won’t be happy being at 9 stone. Some people look incredible having lost 6,7 or more stone and now enjoying their body at a size 8. Meanwhile i’m happy being a size 12 (maybe a size 10 if i can push myself) Seeing as i came from size 20 or so this again is quite an achievement.
So now I have bamboozled you with my story and lots of numbers.
Think for a moment.
What is your happy weight?
 Now i’m not necessarily talking about numbers here. I’m talking more about a way of being.
You see at my happy weight, i change as a person. I am more confident. I don’t mind being in front of a camera, i wear dresses and short sleeved tops. I dance and act like a fool without worrying if my fat is the centre of attention.  My happy weight is about me being me not just a weight or a dress size.
Each and every week, we put so much emphasis on what the scales say. Of course we want to be rewarded for our hard work dieting.
 However, what happens if we stay the same? – we lose motivation. We lose focus and we start to question ourselves and our diet.
The scales can’t tell you that you look fab in that new top you have brought yourself, or that you have reduced your changes of having a heart attack. They can’t tell you that you look great when you smile nor can they tell you that you are amazing and an inspiration to others. So why do we allow our mood to change if we don’t get a result we want? Why do we think what our scales say is gospel?
I challenge you to banish those scales!
concentrate more on a way of being and find your happy weight

My VLCD Journey – Week 2 weigh in

What a week it’s been!

first off, i had a social ‘situation’ last weekend that had started to stress me out. I was off round the in laws for what i thought was a bbq. I had already resigned to eating in my head but had decided upon ketogenic foods so it wouldn’t affect my plan. However, with the storms etc, they decided to do cold cuts of meat, quiche, fruits, salads etc. So it was pretty easy for me. I just stuck to salad and lean meat. 

It’s also been the start of the school holidays so trying to adjust and change my routine has knocked me for six! even to the point where i forgot what day it was yesterday and didn’t weigh myself as i should have (kept thinking it was Wednesday). My son is off school for 6 weeks so i have made a summer pledge that i will take him to the park at least 3x  a week and lets face it the walk will do me good.

Anyway i weighed myself today (one day late due to my stupidity which i am putting down to lack of sleep) and really pleased that i have lost 2lbs this week. Taking my total to 10lbs WHOO HOO


My VLCD Journey – Week 1 weigh in

I can’t believe it’s been a week already! There’s been tough days and days where it’s just flown by without a second thought.  I posted in the support group on facebook yesterday that i was excited but feeling abit nervous and anxious. I guess it’s because we SO want to be rewarded by the scales for our hard work and effort that we are putting in. We put so much emphasis on the numbers rather than how we feel. 

I love the film mary poppins and there’s a scene where she is measuring the children and instead ofmary poppins numbers it describes them of course Mary is practically perfect in every way! i kind of wish there were scales for sale that were like that. Instead of telling me my weight, it had some kind of affirmations such as ‘doing great’ ‘keep going you’ll get there’ i would SOOO buy those scales! (new business idea me thinks)

Anyway i was so chuffed when i popped on the scales this morning 8lbs gone. That’s just over half a stone so i’ll take that all day long!

To me, although it’s great that ive had an amazing weight loss this week, it’s more about the ‘doing a vlcd’ that i’m happier with. I feel amazing, have heaps of energy, been more organised in every area of my life (in fact my to do lists are even getting crossed off) and ive even noticed my skin is brighter (must be because of the water i am drinking). 

There was a day where i noticed i didn’t drink as much as i could have and i suffered with a headache. It made me realise how important the water is especially with our heat wave. So i have gone and brought 2 bottles of water. As i like my water freezing cold, i make sure i always have 1 in the fridge at all times so there’s no excuse and it’s a great way of measuring my 2 litres per day.

zig ziglar

Attitude is important to me. I am a firm believer that our thoughts really affect our actions so every day i ensure that i remain positive. Even from the moment i wake up, i make sure my alarm clock wakes me up with a song that has some get up and go. It would be so easy to have that dreaded buzzer go off at 6am but waking up to one of my favourite songs gets the day off the right way and throughout the day i want to do things that ensure my motivation stays as high as possible. So today i’m going clothes shopping and going to buy a nice outfit for my birthday which is in 13 days. Can’t wait to wear it!


My VLCD journey and so it continues….

Well my first weekend on the vlcd was an odd one. On one hand i was celebrating as it was SML’s 2nd birthday (WHOOP WHOOP) However, i also had the sad news that someone in our family passed away. It’s times like that that made me realise how we use food for any occasion really. Normally if off plan, i would have celebrated SML’s birthday with a meal out or maybe a glass of fizz to say YES WELL DONE YOU! but also when ive had bad news in the past, i know i have reacted with food. Shows how much we use food for other methods rather than just keeping ourselves nutritionally balanced.

No excuses though i just had to plough on with the plan. On saturday, i woke up full of energy and raring to go. I found that i wanted to spring clean the house, do the garden and i was like a full blown domestic goddess!

By 10.30 i had already brought the food shopping for the week and been to the garden centre and i set work on doing the garden (that is until i saw a HUGE spider and retreated indoors) House was sparkling and i now have arms like popeye after cleaning (yes cleaning) all the windows in my house (get me!!!).

Still no keto headache yet and am wondering if i am lucky  and maybe something is rewarding my hardwork by saying yeah lets not give her a headache this time round. However, i am hungry today. Had a hazelnut mrp shake this morning about 6am (btw it’s now my new firm favourite) and i have been sat here listening to my tummy talk thinking can’t wait to get home so i can have another foodpack. Then i realised DUH! I’m surrounded by them. It’s such a shame that vlcd doesn’t make me more intelligent

Happy slimming peeps 



attitude is everything

My VLCD journey – Day 1

So today is day 1 of my VLCD and I am embarking on the SML Diet VLCD plan.
I am not a stranger to VLCD’s in fact I know them inside out as I actually work for the SML Diet. Last year I lost an amazing 2 stone with the SML Diet and then quickly fell pregnant so here I am embarking on the Simple plan to try and lose my final stone (or possibly more we will see)
So this year has been quite hectic for me. I had a baby girl in April and although I quickly lost my baby weight by eating healthily, I am aware that I would like to lose abit more. As I am formula feeding, I have been given the all clear to go ahead and start my VLCD and to be honest with you I can’t wait.
Being on a vlcd, is an odd feeling, yes it’s mentally hard. I find as soon as I start, I immediately start thinking of foods that I just want to eat NOW however, it’s all psychological and I know once I am off my diet, I can easily eat it if I want to (bu the truth of the matter is I probably won’t want to when I’m off as it’s simply psychological). I have been gearing myself up to start the VLCD, there were some days where ithought nope not today and I knew the time wasn’t right to start. However, this morning when I got up I was raring to go and in fact couldn’t wait to get my first shake down me (chocolate – yum).
It’s true! Attitude really is everything! I always find the first day the hardest for me personally as there’s always that mindset of well you haven’t really embarked on it yet, just start again tomorrow. Once the first day is out of the way, I know im on a home straight (although I will admit I really really struggle at weekends).
When I’m on my vlcd, I find that I am more organised, less groggy, less tired, more energetic (my house has never been cleaner) and I just feel fabulously healthy! In fact as I type this thinking of the benefits of being on my vlcd, I can feel my motivation levels just zooming through the roof!
So here I am, one shake down and although it’s not even lunch time and I am starting to feel hungry, I am on it like a pocket rocket
Today when I got to the office, I chose my goodies for the week 
Mainly shakes as it’s quite hot at the moment and I just love the toffee shakes. I have chosen a few bars for the evenings as evenings are harder for me due to relaxing and I am bringing home some of the chocolate drops as snacks (just in case). I have also got my water flavouring and today I’ll pop to the supermarket and get some hartleys jelly (this was a lifesaver for me last year).
So here I go, armed and ready to lose 1 stone minimum although I think it would be nice to probably lose 1 ½ stone in total
Wish me luck peeps

Read before you feed

We have heard it before haven’t  we? Someone tells you that they are a secret eater or that they are a binge eater. What does this mean anyway?

It’s so easy to be put into a category relating to our overeating.

However, overeating is so much more complex than being just a ‘secret eater’ or a ‘grazer’ Have you ever stopped to think about why you behave in such a way?

As a weight management counsellor, a phrase I hear quite a lot is ‘I have a weight problem’

This isn’t actually true. The truth of the matter is that if you are over weight, you have an eating problem (as in you eat too much). The weight gain is just the result of over eating.

Unfortunately overeating is a symptom of an underlying issue whether it be because we are stressed or unhappy or for another reason altogether. Sometimes people turn to alcohol, shopping or gambling and other times people can turn to food. In fact overeating and turning to food is a great way of not dealing with our problems.  It can also be linked with the behaviour called Denial.

Again. As a weight management counsellor, when working with slimmers, I see denial every day. Now it’s not my job to judge. In fact far from it, it is my job however, to highlight any behaviours which are unhelpful or inappropriate in order to help my slimmers overcome the reasons why they put weight on in the first place.

So what type of over eater are you? Here’s some classic examples…

Emotional/Comfort eater – Picture the scene, you have a bad day at work. You immediately find yourself opening the fridge or food cupboards and reaching for what ever is in there. Now what you don’t realise is why you are truly eating. You may believe that you are physically hungry but what you are really hungry for is denying yourself that emotion that you are uncomfortable with.   Some people eat when they are sad, some eat when they are happy. There isn’t a closed book when it comes to the type of emotional eater.  I have never understood why it is called comfort eating. It should be more appropriately named discomfort eating as we usually feel anything but comfort especially after overeating in response to this emotion.

Grazer/Picker –  Someone who keeps picking at little bits all day rather than eating regular meals per day. In turn as you are a grazer, you don’t truly allow yourself to feel hungry or have a break from eating. The calories soon mount up as it’s hard for you to keep track of what you have eaten. In fact if you were to keep a food log, you would be surprised at how much you actually do consume in a day

Binge eater – There are so many myths around binge eating. In fact the phrase is used so freely it’s no longer a shock to anyone anymore. The truth of the matter is that someone who truly does suffer from binge eating can easily consume thousands of calories in one sitting. Eating when not physically hungry and eating to the point of feeling or needing to be physically unwell.  Binges are planned and the eater usually has certain types of food that they usually consume during a binge ‘special binge foods’.  Someone who binge eats, usually binges in private due to the enormous feelings of guilt associated with the behaviour. Usually they are disgusted with themselves and then tend to cut down on eating which in turn makes the behaviour worse.


Secret eating  – We all need alone time, it can be healthy for us to be alone however, when we choose to be alone so we can eat, then that is a behaviour that isn’t appropriate. Secret eating is usually associated with binge eating and usually involves a ‘secret stash’ of food hidden somewhere for when we want it.

These are just a few common behaviours associated with overeating and often have feelings of guilt, disgust and shame associated with them. In turn making the issue worse as the overeater usually suffers from low self esteem, depression and anxiety and as the overeating is usually associated with emotions, this can lead to a destructive cycle of overeating once again


Have you noticed that the cycle of overeating can literally go round and around and around. It’s like being stuck on a roundabout and not knowing which exit to take. Believe it or not, we all have choices. The choices we make can define our journeys. You can choose to numb your feelings, eat something to make you feel better (for that short term moment) or you can choose to get off that roundabout and make that change.

Change isn’t easy – if it was, we wouldn’t be here right now. However, change is do-able.

Three simple words can change your life forever – DECIDE. COMMIT. ACHIEVE

What ever you choose in life, you make a mental commitment and you achieve the results that come as a result of that mental commitment.

So if you decide you are going to lose weight, you have made that mental commitment and you will then achieve weight loss as a result. However, if you decide that you are going to eat based on emotions, then you will achieve what you have always achieved and will continue that cycle of overeating.


Recognise your emotional eating:Awareness can be a saviour when it comes to emotional eating. It takes time and practice however, you will start to become conscious of your ‘triggers’ and patterns and over time will be able to recognise why you are eating.


Go easy on yourself:I really dislike this ability we all have to put ourselves down. I say to my clients, imagine there’s a little child in the room. Now say to the child some of the thoughts you have about yourself on a daily basis. ‘Your fat’, ‘Your useless’ . It would be hard to do that to a child especially as we know that child would grow up to be an insecure and unstable adult. Now why do you find it so easy to do it to yourself?

Recognise the good in you. We do so many great things every day. They could be trivial things like making someone smile, helping someone out, putting on an outfit and thinking to yourself that you look great. However, how often do we stop and praise ourselves for these good things? In fact, it’s easier to be negative than it is positive and that’s a fact!

Shift your thinking and change will happen. Attitude is everything and it IS possible to stop overeating.