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Weight loss starts with the mind

At the SMLDiet, we understand that weight loss isn't as easy as 'eat less, move more'. We know that successful weight loss can be a psychological battle.

Our founder - Alleyne Baldwin, created the SMLDiet as she truly believed that anyone can change their mindset and go on to achieve successful weight management. All you need is the right support.

Our 1:1 weight loss mentoring is a support system designed to give you the tools you need to examine your behaviour around food. On a weekly basis, you and one of our qualified weight management mentors will discuss these existing patterns and see what changes you need to make in order to achieve the success required for continued weight management.

The 1:1 service

Our 1:1 mentoring service is completely confidential and tailored to you and your needs. You may find that you embark on our 1:1 mentoring for support with your VLCD but end up taking a completely different route. The reason for this is simple. Our overeating is usually a symptom of something else. For example, we may over-eat for emotional reasons (loneliness, anger, sadness etc) and until we identify WHY you overeat or turn to food during certain periods in your life, you will carry on achieving the same results.

Our weight management mentors will work with you to achieve these results. Using their experience, knowledge and qualifications, they will work with you to help you break that yo-yo dieting cycle.

Our 1:1 mentoring program lasts for a minimum of 4 consecutive weeks and you can extend it if you wish to continue your working relationship with your mentor. After you purchase our 1:1 mentoring program, you will be allocated a weight management mentor who will be in touch with you to discuss the sessions/dates in more detail. You will also be emailed over a working agreement that gives you further information of what you can expect from the SMLDiet mentor & what we expect from you.

Topics covered

As mentioned, our 1:1 mentoring program is completely tailored to you. The first session will mainly be focussed on finding out about you, your dieting behaviour and how you are managing your weight. However, subsequent weeks will cover all sorts of aspects to do with common behaviours such as:

Self sabotage & self-protection, understanding emotions, secret eating, shame, body love, game playing amongst other topics that your wieght management mentor chooses to discuss with you. You may also be given self directed learning activities to help support you during this time. It is recommended that you complete these activities in order to gain the most knowledge from your time with us. However, they are not compulsory.

Session Prices/Length

It will take time to understand more about yourself. We have had so many years of unhelpful behaviour/thoughts that they can't be changed in 1 session. That's why we suggest a minimum of 4 sessions with a view of extending it should you want to. Our weight management mentors will NOT push you into purchasing extra support sessions. They are there simply to support you and your journey.

The cost for each mentoring session is £140.00 payable in advance.

If purchasing 8 mentoring sessions, you will be able to complete our personality profile and receive a FULL EXTENDED report for free. Your mentor will also spend 1 session discussing this report and findings with you.

The mentoring sessions last for a maximum of 40 minutes and any additional self directed learning activities will be emailed to you within 48 hours of the mentoring session.





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