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At the SML Diet, we are excited to launch our latest bundle buy - WOW x100. For just 95p a pack, you can choose any 100 foodpacks and enjoy FREE SHIPPING too!!!

You may think we've gone crazy, too much sun maybe? Nah, we just want you to reach your goals and we know that summer can be expensive and hard so now there's no excuses ;-)


How to use our WOW x100 bundle buy?

The SML Diet WOW x100 bundle buy can be used as a Very Low Calorie Diet for quick weight loss or used simply to maintain your weight as part of a calorie controlled diet. If using as part of a VLCD, you would consume 4 of our delicious & nutritious meal replacement shakes per day (please view our weight loss plans page for more information)

The SML Diet Meal Replacement shakes each contain over 22 vitamins & minerals which will keep your body happy & healthy whilst you are losing weight. Our Meal Replacement shakes are high in protein and fibre and lower in carbohydrate so can also be used if you following a low carbohydrate diet plan.

Our weight loss plans are extremely flexible and easy to follow. You can easily incorporate our diet shakes, soups and meals into your existing diet and if switching from another Meal Replacement company, you can move to the SML Diet with ease knowing you have the support of the SML Diet team 24/7.

Please note: Discount codes can not be used on this bundle due to the heavy discount applied already



SHAKES: Chocolate :
SHAKES: Chocolate orange :
SHAKES: Cookie Dough Cream :
Raspberry Yoghurt:
SHAKES: Strawberry :
DIET SOUP: Chicken Meal Replacement:
DIET SOUP: Vegetable Meal Replacement:
DIET MEAL: Cottage Pie Meal Replacement:
DIET MEAL: Pasta Carbonara HP+:
DIET MEAL: Spaghetti bolognaise HP+:
DIET MEAL: Tex Mex Chilli Meal Replacement:
DIET MEAL: Mushroom Risotto Meal Replacement:
DIET MEAL: Chicken & Pepperoni Risotto HP+:
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The SML Diet Meal Replacement shakes are so easy to make on-the-go.

Simply add 200ml of water (we like very cold water for our shakes) to a shaker.

Shake for a few minutes and enjoy!

Alternatively, you may wish to add crushed ice to a blender and add the sachet contents and water to the blender mix. We like to make our shakes pretty by popping them in one of our retro glass jars.


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