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Our ME-Courses have been created and written by our founder & qualified weight Management Counsellor Alleyne Baldwin.

Over her 10 years working as a counsellor, Alleyne has had the pleasure of personally working with thousands of slimmers (some in the public eye) to help them look at their behaviours around their eating, their unhelpful habits & how they can gain insights into their eating behaviour so they can stop this unwanted yo-yo dieting cycle for good!

Our Beating Emotional Eating ME-Course is a short course with activities (self-directed learning), information into learning how to control your emotions and what emotions mean to you.  

With every course purchased, you also have a months FREE email support with Alleyne herself. This is where Alleyne will personally support you and offer advice based on any questions that may arise from our course or from your own personal insights.

Why is it called a ME-Course?  and we say great question!

We named our e-courses a 'me course' as they are purely focused on you and what you can do to change that unwanted behaviour that has led to your weight gain. How many times have you embarked on a diet only to end up back at square one? how many times do you say 'diet starts Monday'?

We believe the more insights slimmers have into their behaviour, the more they are likely to make informed choices in the future, the better their weight management and they'll be more adaptable to change. Our ME-Courses focus a lot on Cognitive Behavioural Techniques (CBT) & Transactional Analaysis (TA), Visualisation therapies, Neuro Linguistic Programming & Relaxation. So our ME-Courses really do look at you as a whole (mind, body & soul).

We care about you and your weight management that's why alongside our courses, we have FREE activity/worksheets available to download. Again, these worksheets look at your behaviours, motivators, goals and help you stay focused whilst on our plan. 





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