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We LOVE that you've lost weight with SMLDiet. It's such a fantastic achievement. Did you know that alot of slimmers take that all important step to start on successful plans like SMLDiet because they've seen the success of another slimmer?

So many slimmers say to us, we read XXX's story and it inspired me to lose weight too.

By submitting your story to SMLDiet, you are giving yourself the opporutnity to celebrate your success with thousands of slimmers!

Your story could feature on our site, blog, newsletters and our social media sites. You could even be invited to a VIP pamper weekend and photo shoot.

Submitting your story is easy. Please get in touch with us via our contact form or alternatively, complete our consent and release form 

In the mean time, why not read some of the previous success stories from our slimmers.

Hey super slimmer!
If you'd like to share your story with us, then please complete our online form. We will then send you our share your success pack by email and in the post.

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